Eszter's Sweetshop (visit blog for recipes!) that took place in an artist run space OUR SHOP at 71 Kingsgate Rd, Kilburn, London. My work was to recreate some of Hungary's famous sweets on a home production scale. It was also a collaboration with squib-box who performed Hansel and Gretel while munching on my sweets.


naked "Négercsók"/Marshmallow Cooki "Négercsók"/Marshmallow Cookie "Tejkaramella"/Fudge "Vaniliaskarika"/Vanilin Ring box "Vaniliaskarika"/Vanilin Ring "Konyakmeggy"/Cherries in Brandy "Konyakmeggy"/Cherries in Brandy "Konyakmeggy"/Cherries in Brandy "Mézes Puszi"/ Honey Scone display Túró Rudi/Cottage cheese-Chocolate